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Welcome to my web page - snemelk's page.

Why has this site been created? I'm a volunteer - I help users on SpywareInfo and Bleeping Computer Forums to get rid of malware. However, once malware is removed, it's important to tell a victim how to avoid reinfection or how to make his/her system more secure. This site will help me with that important part of a fix. I'm going to post some computer security related ideas, tips and information here as well.
Believe me, this will be a great learning experience for me ;).
Feel free to browse this site, I hope it will help you to keep your computer clean. It is not only for your safety, but also the next step to stop criminals from making money.

Special thanks go to Rocket Grannie for a little help with English and to miekiemoes, whose site and blog were my inspiration - link to her blog can be found on the left side of a page, under links_.

3 January 2016 - This website won't get any more updates. Of course, there were plans for more articles, regular updates or news... Anyway, this is how it goes, and I believe that information posted here, though outdated, may still be useful for some visitors. Hopefully! :)

2 April 2012 - Routers - security article updated.
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21 May 2010 - Routers - security article published: link
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