After removing malware:

Removing malware from your computer is the most important step. Afterwards, though, other steps are needed to make sure your computer doesn't get reinfected or your data stolen. Here are some basic steps to perform:

- change all passwords - nowadays, most malware is developed only to steal personal information and/or various passwords. I recommend you change all your passwords - make sure you create strong passwords and use a different password for every site (you can keep them in KeePass).

- update your system and programs - make sure all critical updates for your Windows are installed, run a scan with Secunia's online scanner and update all outdated programs it finds.

- update the plugins - check if your browser uses outdated plugins: Plugin Check.

- secure your router - if you're using a router, make sure it's configured properly, and default factory settings (like username/password) were changed: Routers - security.

- keep your system and protection programs updated - use automatic updates to keep your Windows and security programs on your machine always updated!

Afterwards, for detailed information, take a look at my Protection page:
A few steps to make your web browsing safer